Looking up at the lights

Watching Money Plane bc of @nuncamind and this week’s HDTGM and… wow.

It’s Friday!

Ugh the best dude to spend quarantine with is Snorri, imo

This week’s bread. I figured out that my hydration had crept up to >90% so my bread was hella flat. Fixed that and I’m around 80% now

New camera day

One last bike ride photo

July Photo Bike Ride

Masked up with my pal Christine and rode around to shoot photos today, and it was really rad except when my glasses kept fogging-up. Trying to remember it’s really pretty outside even when I feel freaked-out by leaving the house.

Oh, you don’t listen to MBMBAM while eating caviar?

Learning a lot out in Oakland

He digs my new ergodox

I love when he sleeps like this

TIL @mccv hadn’t heard Steely Dan… I hope to make him a fan by the end of the day

I watched Extraction the other day and thought, “that wasn’ so bad, maybe folks were wrong about these netflix action films” but then I started watching Six Underground, and, yeaaaaa

I’ve sent out my link emails for almost 30 weeks now, which feels kinda wild. If you want some goofy jokes, links, and minor commentary, feel free to subscribe buttondown.email/brookshel…

The Many Breads of Quarantine










Snorri + Formula 1

Now that I know my Japan trip in November is cancelled, I should probably use some of my vacation time here

A treat

Cats can have a little mint scent as a treat

Cats can have a little mint scent, as a treat

Currently reading: The American Spy by Open Steinhauer 📚

A coworker shared this list today and because of it I’m currently enjoying tbt Korean thriller Time to Hunt www.looper.com/219450/th… Lots of cool looking films in there

A) there’s a (not so new) hip microblogging platform

A) there’s a (not so new) hip microblogging platform B) I guess I’m finally paying them to use it. C) If you do too, lmk brook.micro.blog

Testing this out

Testing this out!

Bless me, internet...

TIL @shinypb has a microblog