2023-02-09: this was a little too silly, but mostly fun Finished reading: Chilling Effect by Valerie Valdes 📚

2023-01-28: Finished reading: Something New Under the Sun by Alexandra Kleeman 📚is this solar punk?

2023-01-27: Forgot I could do this Forgot I could do this This being, write in iA Writer into micro.blog

2023-01-14: Take that Lovecraft Finished reading: Winter Tide by Ruthanna Emrys 📚

2023-01-08: Some online folks are reading through the trilogy, so I’m digging in too. Finished reading: …

2023-01-01: A regular re-read: Neuromancer by William Gibson 📚


2022-11-02: let’s hear it for the boy

2022-11-02: its fascinating to watch twitter implode while there are so many cool little communities on here, …

2021-12-12: Currently reading: The Peripheral by William Gibson 📚 It’s a chill re-read.

2021-11-27: Currently reading: Light From Uncommon Stars by Ryka Aoki 📚

2021-04-26: Currently reading: The Galaxy, and the Ground Within by Becky Chambers 📚

2021-04-26: Just finished Yokohama Station SF and it was pretty fun~ 📚 Just finished Yokohama Station SF and it was pretty fun~ 📚

2020-11-25: A start With the slightest hum and a rush of air, the express Shinkansen passes Shizuoka en-route to Osaka. …

2020-10-27: So, so close to finishing The Bureau, which has been entertaining from start to end. I love a slow …

2020-10-18: Guess I’m stuck here

2020-10-09: Snorri can’t vote but if you can please do

2020-10-08: This was a surprising package

2020-10-04: Struggled to get into this but once I did I couldn’t stop and it kept me reading till 5am

2020-10-01: Homemade duck paitan

2020-09-25: I love my fishmonger so much! Also shout out to @haley’s passion fruit that’s in the cocktail in the …

2020-09-23: Can’t even wait to read this

2020-09-23: He’s got all the fixins

2020-09-22: I don’t trust this carrot

2020-09-22: Best loaf in a while

2020-09-15: The air was very good so I had to go ride with @haley and @misandrelazar

2020-09-15: Snorri found a new home

2020-09-11: I call this “the full Texan”

2020-09-10: Snorri update

2020-09-09: Fireworks woke me up early this morning… I guess someone figured “fuck it, let’s start more …

2020-09-08: How am I supposed to work when this cuteness is just right there?

2020-09-07: The forest cat stalks his prey

2020-09-05: He is the night

2020-09-04: Considering the weekend

2020-09-04: Tired: young pope Wired: young wallander

2020-09-03: Raised by Wolves is super cool so far, but omg I bet it was a nightmare to film in full latex suits

2020-09-03: Time to rewatch the way less weird and way more true to the book Dune miniseries.

2020-09-01: Time to try hiking if the smokey air subsided a bit

2020-08-30: Stumbled upon a very rad sideshow tonight while on a bike ride. A+ would watch again.

2020-08-28: Vacation begins: now (Plus bonus bread I made for @mermaidperm)

2020-08-28: Waiting for the confit to cool off like

2020-08-21: Watching Rejseholdet really reveals how far Nordic Noir has come… and how Mads Mikkelsen was …

2020-08-19: Not sure what to watch

2020-08-17: A friend caught me up on the news tonight and it sounds like we all have to vote via Quibi now?

2020-08-17: Rolling pier outages means I did a good amount of baking before 3 today… like this slow …

2020-08-17: I really wanted to throw away this plastic bag… but I was overruled

2020-08-16: Stationary and satisfied while I watch Alone

2020-08-16: It’s super hot, so obviously it’s time to bake and make a stew

2020-08-16: Mount Diablo camping Went out this weekend with @hwz to camp for a night, and while it was brutally hot, I had a great …

2020-08-11: Review of creamy good corn chowder: not creamy, but is good (test-driving backpacking food)

2020-08-11: Do you think anti-mask people were this upset when the no shirt, no shoes, no service signs went up? …

2020-08-09: despite breaking a chain, and being somewhat bereft of bike tools, I managed to get my bike working …

2020-08-09: doing this workout challenge thing with a few friends and it turns out I mostly eat vegan these …

2020-08-08: If there isn’t a story called “For Whomst the Tik Toks” by the end of this byte dance debacle, the …

2020-08-07: new camera post www.brookshelley.com/posts/a-f… I love this GRIII!

2020-08-05: Why yes, I did just use this phone to install system software to a new HD in my PS4

2020-08-04: Summer bees and a squirrel from a meeting walk

2020-08-04: the little lower lip…

2020-08-04: Just had the idle and depressing thought that just as eating fugu is thrilling through the chance of …

2020-08-03: this my friends, is called being single during the quarantine. reading is my longest-standing hobby, …

2020-08-03: Bc I didn’t get clarification on a “drink one oz for every pound you weigh” message from my trainer …

2020-08-02: Looking up at the lights

2020-07-31: Watching Money Plane bc of @nuncamind and this week’s HDTGM and… wow.

2020-07-31: It’s Friday!

2020-07-31: Ugh the best dude to spend quarantine with is Snorri, imo

2020-07-30: This week’s bread. I figured out that my hydration had crept up to >90% so my bread was hella …

2020-07-30: New camera day

2020-07-28: One last bike ride photo

2020-07-28: July Photo Bike Ride Masked up with my pal Christine and rode around to shoot photos today, and it was really rad except …

2020-07-28: Oh, you don’t listen to MBMBAM while eating caviar?

2020-07-28: Learning a lot out in Oakland

2020-07-27: He digs my new ergodox

2020-07-22: I love when he sleeps like this

2020-07-21: TIL @mccv hadn’t heard Steely Dan… I hope to make him a fan by the end of the day

2020-07-20: I watched Extraction the other day and thought, “that wasn' so bad, maybe folks were wrong …

2020-07-20: I’ve sent out my link emails for almost 30 weeks now, which feels kinda wild. If you want some …

2020-07-19: The Many Breads of Quarantine Sunday Saturday Saturday Saturday Monday Thursday Thursday Sunday Saturday

2020-07-19: Snorri + Formula 1

2020-07-19: Now that I know my Japan trip in November is cancelled, I should probably use some of my vacation …

2020-07-17: A treat Cats can have a little mint scent as a treat

2020-07-17: Cats can have a little mint scent, as a treat

2020-07-17: Currently reading: The American Spy by Open Steinhauer 📚

2020-07-16: A coworker shared this list today and because of it I’m currently enjoying tbt Korean thriller Time …

2020-07-16: A) there’s a (not so new) hip microblogging platform A) there’s a (not so new) hip microblogging platform B) I guess I’m finally paying them to use it. …

2020-07-12: Testing this out Testing this out! Bless me, internet...

2019-04-30: TIL @shinypb has a microblog

2019-03-22: I’ve been writing a lot over the past year to brookshelley.com

2017-05-24: Singapore I’m really loving it here. I was worrie it’d be a manicured Disney Land of a …

2017-04-28: This should be a cross-post… soooooo I hope it works.

2017-04-28: Testing out my new micro blog