Time to rewatch the way less weird and way more true to the book Dune miniseries.

Time to try hiking if the smokey air subsided a bit

Stumbled upon a very rad sideshow tonight while on a bike ride. A+ would watch again.

Vacation begins: now (Plus bonus bread I made for @mermaidperm)

Waiting for the confit to cool off like

Watching Rejseholdet really reveals how far Nordic Noir has come… and how Mads Mikkelsen was always great

Not sure what to watch

A friend caught me up on the news tonight and it sounds like we all have to vote via Quibi now?

Rolling pier outages means I did a good amount of baking before 3 today… like this slow roasted duck and sourdough

I really wanted to throw away this plastic bag… but I was overruled

Stationary and satisfied while I watch Alone

It’s super hot, so obviously it’s time to bake and make a stew

Mount Diablo camping

Went out this weekend with @hwz to camp for a night, and while it was brutally hot, I had a great time. It’s gorgeous out there.

Review of creamy good corn chowder: not creamy, but is good (test-driving backpacking food)

Do you think anti-mask people were this upset when the no shirt, no shoes, no service signs went up? Or is it only about their desire for illness?

despite breaking a chain, and being somewhat bereft of bike tools, I managed to get my bike working great and ride consistently these past few months. just added a little bar bag from Orucase www.orucase.com/collectio… this weekend for my camera, keys, etc.

doing this workout challenge thing with a few friends and it turns out I mostly eat vegan these days, except for duck… which I love.

If there isn’t a story called “For Whomst the Tik Toks” by the end of this byte dance debacle, the media has failed us.

new camera post www.brookshelley.com/posts/a-f… I love this GRIII!

Why yes, I did just use this phone to install system software to a new HD in my PS4

Summer bees and a squirrel from a meeting walk

the little lower lip…

Just had the idle and depressing thought that just as eating fugu is thrilling through the chance of death, perhaps eating mediocre mozz sticks is seasoned by the chance of COVID.

this my friends, is called being single during the quarantine. reading is my longest-standing hobby, and my curse.

Bc I didn’t get clarification on a “drink one oz for every pound you weigh” message from my trainer I’ve had > 160oz of water already today: AMA